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Lin Yifu: "4000000000000" China is still insufficient investment in infrastructure
Even under the 2008 implementation of China's 4 trillion stimulus plan, vigorously develop the infrastructure, the construction of China's infrastructure is still not saturated, but insufficient, "the honorary president of the National Development Research Institute of Peking University, former Worl...
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High-end equipment manufacturing industry to the value chain, to go to seek a breakthrough development
High-end equipment manufacturing, to say, a symbol of a country's core competitiveness, related to the country's economic and national security; into the small, the relationship to the survival and development of industries and enterprises. Chery Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Jin-Fu Wang, general manag...
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Natural gas commercial vehicles has become a global trend
As a vehicle fuel, LNG (liquefied natural gas) compared to traditional fuel fuel with a high octane, anti-knock performance loss on the engine, low fuel costs, environmental performance. In a foreign country, the development and application of LNG commercial vehicles very early been vigorously promo...
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Emerging Asian countries, demand for photovoltaic average annual growth rate of 28%
NPD Solarbuzz's latest report noted that emerging solar market in the Asia-Pacific region and Central Asia, it is expected that by 2017, emerging Asia and Central Asia, demand for solar power will be more than 3GW, compared to the very strong growth in demand for the 723MW of 2012, representing a co...
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