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Emerging Asian countries, demand for photovoltaic average annual growth rate of 28%
NPD Solarbuzz's latest report noted that emerging solar market in the Asia-Pacific region and Central Asia, it is expected that by 2017, emerging Asia and Central Asia, demand for solar power will be more than 3GW, compared to the very strong growth in demand for the 723MW of 2012, representing a co...
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Visit the National People's Congress, in the aircraft industry to fly Mengxiang Kai, chairman of
2012 is a crucial year for China's general aviation industry in Meng Xiangkai eyes. The state has adopted the relevant guidance, and vigorously promote low-altitude airspace opening. From a macro point of view, China's air transport industry "inverted triangle" showing a clear trend of development -...
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South Korea's shipbuilding industry is set to "Wang furnace" bake "tidal"
As high Jae-ho after the New Year gathering at the meeting of the Korea Shipbuilders' Association said global the ships' green 'voices rising, the provisions of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) ship energy conservation, environmental protection and safety of navigation in the developmen...
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Manufacturing upgrade driven robot needs to build base
The shipbuilding industry is one of Korea's most important manufacturing industries and pillar industries, is one of Korea's foreign trade export big year for South Korea brought about a huge trade surplus. A few years ago, the South Korean shipbuilding exports, favorable balance of foreign trade th...
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